VICODEC Social work department is passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of the members of the community we serve. We aim at improving the well-being of every individual so that they can reach their full potential. Among the programs we have are;

Child Sponsorship Program

The programs aims at improving the living standards of the needy families in Ongata Rongai. Children from the needy families are given opportunities to access quality education, medical services, nutritious meals and family support.

Community Outreach Programs

Social workers conduct outreach programs to the community with an aim of identifying, recruiting and enrolling needy children or cases to VICODEC Programs such as child sponsorship program and the feeding program. Home visitations are also conducted to the identified cases that need follow up and support accorded where possible.

Capacity Building Forums

These empowerment forums are conducted through organized community seminars and workshops focused on emerging issues in society. Various topics are covered, such as gender based violence, skillful parenting, entrepreneurship, academic mentorship, and drug/substance abuse. Personal counseling is also offered

Advocacy on Human Rights

This entails creation of awareness on human rights against sexual abuse, child labor, retrogressive cultures such as female genital cut, early and forced marriages, discrimination based on gender, disability and/or ethnicity.

Micro Credit Groups

Members of the community are encouraged to form saving and lending groups, through which they can save and borrow loans for their own economic development, self-reliance and sustainability.