Our professionally qualified teachers provide academic, moral and emotional support to all students so that they can excel in all aspects of their lives.



The mathematics panel helps students develop strong mathematic abilities so that they can efficiently and accurately incorporate mathematics into their lives. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic tutors allow students to achieve a deep understanding of concepts.
H.O.D George O.& Joseph M


The English Department is committed to empowering students to think critically and to maintain an open minded, tolerant approach in all areas of their lives. The department values exposure to new ideas and the commitment to a strict routine in order to develop a strong comprehension of the English language. Students are empowered to share and support their ideas, and to grow confident through participation in debate club.

Through access to diverse resources, students are exposed to new and challenging concepts, each of which greatly benefit their speaking and writing abilities. As a team, the English Department is motivated and committed to creating talented and knowledgeable students in this exciting subject.

Eusebius & Grace


Idara ya KiswahiliKiswahili kitukuzwe ndio mwito wa kila mdarisi kutoka shule ya chekechea hadi darasa la nane. Tuna walimu wenye tajriba kuu. Jambo linalotiliwa mkazo zaidi ni kuzimundu ngeli kwani ngeli ndizo uti wa mgongo wa Kiswahili. Wanafunzi huhusishwa katika mjjadala somo la maktaba, uigizaji na undadisi.

Mazoezi wapatao wanafunzi yatawawezesha kuinua viwango vyao vya msamiati katika maisgha yao maarifa mbalimbali wanayojifunza. Karibu katika chemichemi hii.

Vinara Bw. Patrick N. Julius M.



Kiswahili to be cherished is the call made by every teacher from baby class up to standard eight. We have experienced teachers. The grouping of nouns is strongly emphasized as it is the backbone of Kiswahili. Pupils are exposed to debates, library lessons, drama and easy writing.

These drills and exercises will help the learners to upgrade their vocabulary as well as giving them a chance to practice what they have acquired. Welcome to this fountain of knowledge.


Patrick N. Julius M.


By developing a strong understanding of science, students acquire the knowledge necessary for comprehending and bettering the world in which they live. In addition to learning facts, a hands-on learning approach is used in order to engage and excite the students. Through nature walks, exploration and experiments, children learn by using the resources found in their environment.

The goals of the science department include:

  1. Teaching students to observe and explore the environment.
  2. Challenging students to think creativity and critically to address new and emerging challenges.
  3. Developing a positive attitude towards self and the environment.
  4. Managing and conserving resources.
  5. Improving the fitness and health of students.
  6. Building interest in science and science related careers.

Fredrick O. & Spinica Misoro

H.O.D Science


The social studies panel is concerned with teaching students the study of people, their cultures, and the social and physical environment in which they live. Students are taught moral values, democracy, human rights, governance and social/economic activities. Through their teaching, the panel teaches students to develop a positive attitude towards society so that together we can live in harmony.


Peter K. & Emilly E


Our teachers work together to ensure that students acquired the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to excel in both their studies and as members of society.

Teachers coordinate in handling PPI lessons every Wednesday morning, which include activities such as: singing, presenting memory verses, and engaging in bible stories. The panel acknowledges the beneficial impact that the PPI lessons have on students and will continue to spread the word of this great cause.

CRE Lessons are taught using:

  • Discussions
  • Story telling
  • Exploration
  • Dramatization
  • Role-play
  • Question and answer.


Florence & Gladys